Sight Words

Hi, there!

Do your students struggle with sight words?

Do they keep misreading the same words in text? Or, do they stop at every word and decode, even the sight words you’ve covered?

Do you find it hard to differentiate and keep track of your students’ progress?

Do you wish you had an effective sight word instruction plan in place?

Then, you’ve come to the right place!

We all know how important it is for our students to build a solid sight word vocabulary. Having a strong sight word bank helps build fluency, accuracy, comprehension, and student confidence! Sight word instruction should accompany phonics instruction, as both are crucial in helping students become successful readers.

Here’s the deal

If kids struggle with sight words, it greatly affects their ability to read! Sight words make up about 75% of beginner texts, and many are not decodable before children learn the phonetic rules. Therefore, it’s necessary that kids learn to recognize these words by sight, and there are 3 key components to an effective sight word program.

How I Can Help

Teaching sight words is a passion of mine, and I just love creating resources that help students really master sight words. That’s why I created a comprehensive, free sight word course that goes through everything you need to know about teaching sight words! Each email covers a different aspect of sight word instruction, and comes with a valuable freebie you can use right away.

In this FREE email course, you will learn:

    • The 3 Key Ideas about Sight Word Instruction– and Sight Word FAQ
    • How to Introduce Sight Words- a weekly schedule
    • Tips and ideas for your centers and small groups
    • An Effective Word Wall (that’s not wallpaper)
    • Assessment and individualization
    • Organization: How to keep it all together!

That’s Not All…

Each email comes with an exclusive freebie that you can use right away. These aren’t just regular freebies. I wanted to give you exceptional content that will best help you implement effective sight word instruction. You will have a week’s worth of material from the first email and each day, you will get another freebie to help you set yourself up for a successful year!

Sight words are an important part of kindergarten, first grade, and second grade curriculum. This free comprehensive email series will teach you everything you need to know about teaching sight words, including introduction, reinforcement, assessment, differentiation, and organization. Each email includes a relevant freebie you can use right away. Some of the freebies are center activities, word wall resources, ideas for guided reading, and more. #tejedastots