10 FUN Teacher Summer Things To Do

Yay, summer! Before it (too quickly) goes away, here’s a list of some FUN, stress-free teacher things to do over the summer for a great start!

We all know the summer goes by way too quickly, but here are some fun, stress-free things teachers can do over the summer to start their year off right! #tejedastots #summerteacherlist #teachersummer

11. Browse through new children’s books at a bookstore/library. Check out new releases and keep a list of ones you want to read to your class. Check your local library, Epic books, or ask your teacher friends before you buy them yourself!

10. Jot down story ideas for Writing Workshop mini-lessons. Sometimes it takes me a few minutes to remember an idea to use for modeling, so having a fresh list is helpful. And, if you enjoy drawing (remember, these are stress-free ideas!), sketch some out across pages so they’re ready to go!

9. Browse through Pinterest for fun ideas. Stay organized with clearly-named boards.

8. Collect stuff! This one can get out of hand, so I don’t mean collect all the things. But, if you see a cool idea while you’re browsing on Pinterest (say, bottle cap word-building), start a little tub to collect them!

7. Visit the dollar spot at Target or the Dollar Tree. WARNING: This can get expensive!

6. Take pictures for your students! If you visit any museums/aquariums/historical sites, or any place you teach about during the year, take close-ups to show your students! P.S. These are much more fun when you are in them- making a funny face, of course.

5. Splurge on new pens, a personalized teacher desk sign, mouse pad, 1st day of school t-shirt… or, if you’re crafty, make them instead of buying them!

4. Teacher Craft. If you’re into crafting, make yourself a new sign, pen holder, paper basket, binder covers, or personalized mug. Make one for your teacher bestie, too! But don’t be like me and buy a Cricut just to keep in storage for a year and a half, then finally take it out and realize SO MUCH you could’ve done (and finally start monogramming all the things)!

3. Organize Your Digital Files. This may not sound stress-free but, if organizing is not your thing, it’s even more of a reason to do it over the summer! Instead of being overwhelmed by everything on your computer once school starts, plan to go through just one folder a day and move files where they belong, i.e, out of your downloads and into clearly-labeled folders that will be easy to find what you need from. You’ll thank yourself later! And, once you’re organized, there IS a huge feeling of stress-relief to make up for the grief.

2. Browse educational blogs. You know, the ones you never have time to read during the school year. Visit my Free Resource Library for some ideas! And, if you download any new resources, make sure to place them in the above-mentioned folders!

And. . . DRUM ROLL. . . Teacher Summer Thing to do Number 1 is. . .

1. Sleep in, take a walk, have lunch with a friend, watch a sunset, hike… Self-care is priority # 1 for a refreshed start to the year. Kick your feet up- you deserve it!

What are some fun teacher summer things you like to do? Comment below and share this with a teacher friend who could use some stress-free ideas!

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