Chinese and LUNAR New Year Activities

Looking for Lunar New Year activities for your classroom? We loved learning about it in our classroom and I’ll share some class favorites in this post.

Going to the Chinese New Year parade in New York City had been on my to-do list for years and I finally got the chance to check it off!

Last year, my family and I drove to NYC for the parade and we were not disappointed (well, except for the jacked-up parking costs)!

We watched from Chatham Square (about the halfway point) as dancers, band members, politicians, and activists marched down the street to celebrate this exciting holiday.

It was incredible to see the lion dancing, the dancers under it coordinating their moves seamlessly.

Here’s another up close. The eyes have mechanisms to make them blink.

People hold the dragon up with long sticks, which they move to make the dragon “dance.”

And, it was the year of the pig, so there were also pigs marching!

Chinese and Lunar New Year in the Classroom

We loved celebrating in our classroom also, so let me share a few Lunar New Year activities with you, a freebie, and a look inside my Chinese & Lunar New Year resource!

In first grade, each class in our school made a long dragon using paper bags and streamers. Then, we paraded around the building playing Chinese instruments, while the other grades sat in the hallways and cheered us on! In your freebie, you’ll find more information on how we celebrated (find link below).

Learning About the Lunar New Year

We were lucky enough to have a student from China a few years ago that shared with us her traditions and even showed us some pictures from her visit to China.

We also read books and watched video clips to learn more. This is one of our favorite books about Chinese and Lunar New Year and the students are always fascinated by the long dragon that unfolds at the end of the book. It’s called The Dancing Dragon, by Marcia Vaughan.

After reading about the Lunar New Year, we discuss what we learned and color-code lucky oranges to show true and false statements.
Teach your students about the Lunar New Year with these true/ false statements and more fun activities! Get tips for celebrating the Lunar and Chinese New Year in your classroom in this blog post.

Then, students practice finding the main idea in these differentiated reading passages, and color-coded to show their evidence! **Although the pictures show Chinese New Year, I’ve edited the resource to include a Lunar New Year version of all activities.

Teach about the Lunar New Year with these differentiated reading comprehension passages! Students color-code the passage to show evidence for answering the comprehension questions. Perfect for a unit on Chinese and Lunar New Year.
Kids love getting these red envelopes and coins and making cards for someone special. We also make paper fortune cookies! Pictured instructions are included, plus fortune slips and writing prompt fortunes. I love to use the writing prompt slips. Students read the writing prompt “fortune,” then glue to their page and write a response.
These Chinese and Lunar New Year crafts are perfect for learning and celebrating in your kindergarten or first-grade classroom! We loved making fortune cookies and red envelopes, and writing about what we learned in our Lunar New Year unit.
Fortune cookie crafts make the best writing prompts for your Chinese and Lunar New Year unit! Read this post for tips and ideas to help you teach about the Lunar New Year in your primary classroom.
It’s interesting to compare the Lunar New Year to our American New Year and this differentiated Venn diagram has cut and paste slips to help us do that (also includes a blank diagram for use with any country.) Note: There are Chinese and Lunar New Year versions of the activities in the pack.

After learning all about the Lunar New Year, students make a fact web and write about their learning.

They love finding the mystery pictures in these color-by-code practice sheets for vowel sounds, addition, and subtraction!

And, more word work in these unscramble pages reviewing rhymes, cvc words, blends and digraphs.

Of course, we also create lanterns, dragon masks, fortune cookies, and puppets!

Lunar New Year Game

One of our favorite games is the Chopsticks game. I usually had class moms come in after the parade and we played this game and had some Chinese food.

Lunar New Year Freebie

Here is your freebie! This word wall and stationery are perfect for a writing center. Download freebie here!

Teaching about the Lunar New Year? Grab this free writing activity for your primary classroom! Read this post for ideas and Lunar New Year activities to help you teach and celebrate with your students!
You can find all of these activities and more in my Chinese and Lunar New Year pack! You can also purchase it from my TPT store here: Purchase on TPT.
As usual, I welcome your ideas and ways you celebrate in your class!
Read ideas to help you teach about the Lunar New Year in your primary classroom! Every year, each first-grade class made a dancing dragon for our parade. We loved learning about the Lunar New Year and this was a fun culminating event to our unit. I share lots more ideas and a freebie in this Lunar New Year post.

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  1. susan Avatar

    I enjoyed reading about Chinese New Year in NYC. Last year my family and I went to the one in Boston, and the weather cooperated which makes for a much better experience. Your activities look really fun and well thought out. I would love to go again this year, but we’ll see what the weather is…as always!

    1. Brenda Avatar

      Hi, Susan! Thanks! It was cold and windy, but we still had a great time and we’ll try to again this year. We visited Boston last year and absolutely loved it. My 6-year-old daughter keeps asking when we’re going back to see the dog parade again (we went around Halloween and they had a dog costume parade). I’m sure they do a great Chinese New Year parade as well!

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