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2020 has definitely changed how we teach! Whether you love distance learning or not so much, some aspects of it are sure to stay- whether it’s more digital resources, online availability, video lessons, or assignments.

So, I’ve created some resources with you in mind, and hope they will help to add a spark to your digital teaching, whether it’s via distance learning or in the classroom! I’ve added them all here so they’re easy to find in one place and I’ll continue to add to this post as I create more. *NEWLY ADDED* Make sure to scroll through this post for freebies!

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Help students master sight words with kinesthetic learning

We know sitting for a long time can be especially hard for children- unless they’re playing or moving! Get them to do both to practice sight words!

First, you can introduce sight words with these Body-Spelling PowerPoints. Share your screen with students, or assign the words you want them to practice and upload to Google Classroom or your secure online learning platform. **NEW words just added!

Each of the 141 words included has its own presentation that has kids:

  1. read the sight word, then again in context (talk about the “parts known” and “tricky parts”)
  2. say and spell it, while pointing
  3. body-spell it (make letters with their bodies!)
  4. sky-write it, practicing correct letter formation with their arms
  5. find it, before the answer slide pops up
  6. write it (in a notebook or a whiteboard)
  7. say and spell again, to review

You can grab a FREE sample of the word ‘the’ here, or grab all 141 words in this bundle.

Sight word instruction kids love! Children love to move and play, so they will absolutely love body-spelling sight words. Each word has 7 interactive ways to get kids moving to learn: body-spelling, skywriting, finding the word, writing, reading... Perfect for introducing and practicing sight words in kindergarten and first grade! #tejedastots #sightwords

More Sight Word Digital Resources

Next, have your students practice the words with this digital fluency find-it game! These digital Sight Word Fluency Flashcards include:

  • an editable word bank with previously-covered sight words to review
  • the target sight word in a story
  • a picture that goes along with the story
  • translucent strips that move so kids can find and highlight the target word
  • 3 versions- Fry word frequency order, ABC order, ABC order with editable fluency review boxes
Digital sight word fluency flashcards are such a great way for kids to practice reading their high-frequency words! Students review the previously-covered words in the editable fluency word bank, read the story with the target word, and highlight the word with the movable strips. You can also differentiate easily and keep track of students' progress. Perfect for sight word centers in kindergarten and first grade! #tejedastots #sightwords

You can find these for Fry words 1-100 and Fry words 101-200. HOWEVER, even if you don’t follow these sight word lists, you can use with any word list, since you can type in your own review words into the editable fluency boxes.

*These are also available in printable format (just see the product descriptions for that option).

If you’ve never used Boom cards, these are a fantastic option for distance learning as well! They’re easy to use, fun, and I have a free set for you to try. Simply click here to make a free account and grab them. You’ll find the bundles discounted as well: Fry Words 1-100, and Fry Words 101-200.

These Sight Word Mats are animated! Kids spell the word out loud as the letters color in one at a time! The words are also included in context, and kids move letters to unscramble and build the word.

Digital sight word mats that animate! Kids can spell each word out loud as the letters get colored in one at a time. The sight word is also included in context, with picture supports to help kids focus on the target word. Students also move letters to unscramble and build the sight word! Perfect for sight word centers in kindergarten and first grade! #tejedastots #sightwords

NEW Sight Word Resource!

Writing sight words is also important to help kids remember them. My newest Sight Word Tracers (BOOM cards) are perfect for reinforcing correct letter formation when practicing sight words.

After hearing the sight word in context (audio included) kids follow the red dot on the animated gifs with their fingers or pencil eraser to practice writing the sight words.

These are BOOM cards, which is a different platform than Tpt. Try a FREE word here.

The bundle includes the first 100 Fry words.

Interactive Alphabet

Teaching letters and sounds? I created an alphabet version of my Body-Spelling PowerPoints too! Each letter has its own PowerPoint presentation, perfect for screen-sharing.

PowerPoint Activities for each letter:

  • Action: Each letter has a motion for students to perform with the letter sound: A- alligator chomp, B-bunny hop, etc.
  • Body-Spelling: Students make the letter with their bodies
  • Sound Extension or Bounce: Students point to follow the dotted line to extend the sound or ‘bounce’ it
  • Pointing Dots under picture-supported, alliterative sentences help kids track words with 1:1 correspondence
  • Sky-writing capital and lowercase letters
  • Sky-circling pictures that begin with the target letter
  • Turn & Talk: The last slide asks students to turn to a partner and share ideas of more examples

In addition to the activities above, there are half and full-page alphabet sheets where kids can draw and write an example. Use these for

  • exit tickets
  • whole-group extension activity
  • center activity
  • make a class book

Phonics Made Fun!

Kids love being detectives and looking for hidden pictures! So, these Digital Phonics Hidden Pictures are perfect for use during distance learning. In fact, I’ve heard from so many teachers that kids beg to play and don’t even realize they are doing phonics. I just love that!

Students look carefully at the fun scene to find the hidden pictures that follow a specific phonics pattern and move ovals to highlight them. Then, they write or type the words next to each picture and check their work.

Again, you can share your screen to do them together, or assign the student version for the phonics skill you want.

There are 40 phonics sets for CVC, CCVC, CVCe, Digraphs, R-controlled Vowels, and Vowel Teams included. Each set includes a teacher slideshow and a student version, which is self-correcting.

Try a sample one for FREE here, and grab the bundle of 40 sets at a limited-time discount price here: Digital Phonics Hidden Pictures Bundle

And, if you love BOOM cards as much as I do, here is the Boom version of Digital Phonics!

Main Idea Made Easy

Identifying the main idea can be such a difficult concept for beginning readers, but it doesn’t have to be. I’ve digitized my best-selling Main Idea resource to add a Google Slides presentation WITH AUDIO to introduce this comprehension skill, PLUS engaging interactive practice activities!

Take a look at all of the exciting activities in the Main Idea bundle and download a free sample to try!

Digital Guided Reading

These are probably my favorite resources I’ve created so far because they encompass just SO MANY SKILLS! Guided reading is my favorite part of the day but distance learning has presented a challenge with conducting small reading groups, of course.

However, these one-page warm-ups are now available as a digital resource! I’ve made them in Google slides format and I’ve included the free digital upgrade to the printable set that also includes skill and comprehension cards, PLUS reading strategy teaching cards and slides.

The one-page warm-ups include several reading skills/ strategies to practice as a reading warm-up or reading mini-lesson. Each level builds upon the previous set to introduce more complex skills.

Also included are task cards to target each specific skill for each level…

And, comprehension cards that can be used across many levels.

This enormous resource is available in 3 different leveled packs, as well as a money-saving bundle:

The Complete Kit: Guided Reading Warm-ups AA-J

Reading Strategy Mini-Lessons

These are included in the Guided Reading Warm-ups bundles, but are also available separately. These are perfect for displaying your mini-lessons and teaching points, while providing an example for each.

The bundle includes both the printable and digital resources:

  • Printable foldable cards with a teacher suggested script on one side and an example to model with on the other.
  • Digital slides with the examples to display or share on a screen.
  • 74 reading strategies and skills included!

Build it & Write Thanksgiving Freebie

You are in for a treat with this digital freebie! Have your kids build and accessorize a turkey with this Build it & Write freebie made for Google slides. Next week, look out for my new digital Build it & Write growing bundle at a huge discount, but grab this free turkey one here!

Bring Writing to Life!

When kids learn to add dialogue and onomatopoeia to their writing, it brings it to life! These 2 packs are perfect for introducing the concepts of revising writing to add these elements. I’ve added a free digital upgrade to the writing bundle, which also includes printable labeling pages for the year!

Other Resources for distance learning

While these may not be digital-ready, these resources are print-and-go and students can complete at home with minimal support from parents.

Build it & Write– Students first create a picture by cutting and pasting the pieces they want, then write about it, using the word bank.

Read & Build– Students demonstrate reading comprehension by cutting and pasting the pieces to build the scene, matching the story. But be careful, sometimes not all pieces are necessary!

Labeling– Students simply label as much as they can on the page, practicing to stretch out the words. Also available in a Phonics version!

FREE Virtual meeting rules sort

Finally, if you’re teaching virtually, whether full or part-time, chances are you’ll need to set some ground rules! This free sort may help your students know what are/are not responsible choices during your virtual meetings.

I also included large microphone on/ off posters, since that was the number 1 thing I’ve heard is a struggle #nointerruptions #waityourturnplease.

To grab your freebie, sign up here.

It may not be an ideal situation right now, but remember this is all temporary and things will get better, so stay positive. ?

I hope these resources provide you with some ways to engage your students with online learning! I’d love if you shared this post with other teachers who may find them helpful!

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    How wonderful and beautiful material to do with our children. I love your passion and creativity. Thank you so much.

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