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Guided Reading Warm-ups Levels HIJ

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Leveled 1-page warm-ups, skill cards, and teacher strategy tent cards to help you start your guided reading lessons!


Product Description

Do you sometimes struggle to fit in all of your guided reading groups?

Do you wish you had tools on hand to model a certain skill or strategy quickly?

Do you wish you had organized, ready-to-go resources for your students to practice important skills at each reading level?

This toolkit is the perfect resource for reviewing a few skills to warm up your students’ brains before your guided reading book, display on your whiteboard for a whole-group review, or as a quick strategy lesson before sending students off to read independently! They can also be used as a stand-alone reading lesson!

***NEW!!!*** The DIGITAL versions of ALL components are now included! Perfect for distance learning!

There are 3 components to this resource, for each level! PRINTABLE + DIGITAL

  • 1-page warm-ups: These are designed to be a review and practice of reading skills and strategies to warm up your students for reading! You can do the whole page or pick a section to work on. Teacher directions to read to students are in each box, so these are great for assistants and subs as well. There are 71 warm-ups in this bundle for levels HIJ.
  • Skill Cards: These cards focus on one skill at a time, providing many practice opportunities. There are 184 cards included in this bundle!
  • Teacher Tent Cards: These foldable cards are perfect for introducing or reviewing the skill/ strategy, modeling, and keeping on display for reference throughout your lesson! No planning necessary and no more fumbling to find an example to model! Just read the teacher side and show the example side to kids. 74 tent cards are included in the following 4 categories:
    • Print Concepts
    • Decoding
    • Comprehension & Monitoring
    • Fluency & Expression

***NEW*** FREE DIGITAL UPGRADE: Now includes the student sides of the tent cards in a PowerPoint and Google Slides versions. Perfect for using as a mini-lesson during distance learning!

***IMPORTANT: The Teacher Tent cards are not leveled because they can be used across levels and the same cards are included in each separate bundle (levels AA-D and levels EFG).

This bundle includes:

  • Teacher Guide
  • Organization & Storage guide with pictures
  • Binder covers, spines, and tabs; card case covers; tent card tabs


  • 25 warm-ups, 68 skill cards


  • 22 warm-ups, 60 skill cards


  • 24 warm-ups, 56 skill cards

88 Comprehension Skill cards to be used at any level **Some of these overlap the comprehension cards in the other sets, but this one has additional cards.

74 Teacher tent cards with guided script on one side and student example side on other

12 sight word fluency box cards + EDITABLE CARD- just type in your words

>>>Some of the Skills and Strategies Included:

•VCE with Digraphs and Blends




•Sounds of Y





•Sounds of -ED

•-S,-ED,-ING endings

•Prefixes and Suffixes

•Using a Pronunciation Guide

•Building Words


•Dividing Syllables- VCCCV, VCV

•Manipulating Sounds

•Multiple-meaning Words

•Sight Word Fluency

•Making Inferences

•Making Predictions


•Main Idea

•Fact and Opinion

•Character Analysis

•Vocabulary: using context, synonyms, antonyms, homophones, idioms

•Cause and Effect

•Using Text Features

•Identifying Story Elements

•Fluency: Scooping phrases

•Monitoring for Understanding

•Noting Details

•Author’s Purpose

•Identifying Genres

•Activating Schema


**MUST SEE PREVIEW for comprehensive list and pictures**

Also available for the following levels:

Guided Reading Warm-ups Levels AA-D

Guided Reading Warm-ups Levels EFG

**SAVE* with the Complete Set:

Guided Reading Warm-ups COMPLETE SET Levels AA-J

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“After I bought the first set, I hoped you would make more sets. Never before this year have I had such a wide range of abilities in my class. I have had to change the way I teach this year in that I am having to teach more small groups. These warm ups are so handy and well put together that it helps guide my groups! It is exactly what I was hoping it would be! Can’t wait for your next set!” -Marcy

“This bundle is very comprehensive! It builds on skills in phonics and reading strategies. Everything is laid out for you so all you have to do is print and use. The format is similar so students will know what to expect and routines can be established. This is a great resource that can be sent home for extra practice. It would also be great for parent volunteers and tutors to work with the students. There are even parts that I could put in a fluency center once we have worked through it in guided reading for additional practice to build fluency and confidence. I cannot wait to get these resources out together also I can put them to action in my classroom. Thank you for designing such a great resource! I definitely need the previous bundle. I hope you’re going to make more of these!!” -Kristi

“Holy moly is there a TON included in this resource! I can already think of MANY ways these pages can be used…morning work, centers, small groups, homework, independent practice, early finishers, etc. I love that there is structure, yet the pages do not feel boring or repetitive. The mix of skills targeted is also something I’m not used to seeing in many other products–for example: I love how the Level F skill cards not only focus on concepts like digraph blends, they also focus on reading with expression and matching dialogue to speaker (concepts I think are often overlooked). I’m crossing my fingers this type of product will be expanded for higher levels as well!” -Meghan

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Guided Reading Warm-ups Levels HIJ

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