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Sight Words Practice Fluency Flash cards: High-frequency FRY Words 1-100




Ever have students who are just not learning their high-frequency sight words fast enough, despite everything you’ve tried? How about students who can read sight words on flashcards, but have difficulty recognizing them in context? These cards provide fluency, recognition, and sight word practice in context!

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Digital + Printable Sight Word Fluency Flashcards

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The ULTIMATE Sight Word Bundle

These are not your typical flashcards. If you are familiar with my sight word sentence flashcards, they are designed to be used by children to practice sight words in context, using picture supports for increased independence and success.

*Now includes Australian spelling – mum*


These cards are designed to fit perfectly double-sided with my sight word sentence cards. However, they can be used separately as well. For double-sided flashcards, click here:

The ULTIMATE Sight Word Flashcards

****Includes Fry Words 1-100****

Why are they so effective?

These cards enable students to practice sight words in context, integrating recognition, comprehension, AND fluency with picture-supported sight word stories!


Each card has:

*Quick Word Fluency Practice: 14 sight words at the top of each card to practice word fluency. The words include current and previously taught words in the program.

*Sight Word Story: These cards include a 3-4 sentence story using the current sight words, as well as previously taught ones.

*Picture Supports: Each story includes a picture that corresponds to the story. This increases success when reading. It also reinforces the decoding strategy of using picture clues.

*Great for RTI Intervention! Laminate and use dry-erase markers to highlight the focus sight word in the story!

* Also includes assessment sheets for each set of 25 words (total 100 words) Highlight the words needing practice, and send home to parents for home reinforcement!

*Includes certificates and card covers in color and B&W, too!

**4 cards to a page**

*Great for at home learning*


These cards have changed my intervention groups. My students are making tremendous progress just by working on these words for 20 minutes a day. I’m so grateful for this resource. Thank you!!!” -Annikah

I love using these with my English learners of all ages (K-12). Not only are they learning sight words, but they are also practicing fluency in an authentic way. Thanks so much!” -Classroom Without Borders

These are perfect to assist in my intervention block. Easy to read for the students and sets up a successful routine for the students.” -Stacy

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