Easy Peasy Centers

If you teach kindergarten or first grade, chances are you have centers (or stations) in your classroom.

Centers are almost a necessity in primary grades, but aren’t you tired of preparing new centers week after week?

I love having fresh, fun, meaningful centers, but one of the things I struggled with most was finding the time to plan and prep them! I think we’ve all been there– so many ideas and plans of grand things we want to do for and with our students, but not enough time to get it all done.

Then, after you create or put together amazing centers, comes the problem of storage. Where do you keep all those pieces?? 

I found that having reusable centers made center prep and management so much easier.

Reusing doesn’t mean boring, though!

I’m talking about meaningful centers that are also engaging for kids. Best of all, they’re SUPER easy to prep, store, and reuse!

I had these pocket dice in my room for years, and I loved the idea of kids “rolling and learning.” I had so many ideas for how to use them, but let’s be real- I never had time to prepare really great cards to use with them ahead of time, so the dice were burning a hole on my shelf!

So I finally got to work and started creating center cards for use with the dice. Once I started, I was on a roll (hehe), and I created cards for:

  • Word Work
  • Sight Words
  • Math
  • Reading Comprehension 
  • Writing
  • plus Bonus games to practice Speaking, Sharing Opinions, and even Exercise! 
  • And, I added a Christmas pack with 15 more games!
5 Writing games, plus they can be reused, since there are so many variations.
11 Word Work games, many being reusable- just switch out the words or parts!
7 Reusable sight word games- just switch out words!
Fry words 1-100 included, plus editable file.
Includes ‘I Can’ signs with instructions card for each game. Just Velcro or tape the little square onto the sign each week.
10 Math Games in the Bundle

I know you will love the ease of these centers, especially because…

  • All you really need are pocket dice and student notebooks! (A couple of games ask for optional materials that you may have: magnetic letters, play-doh, stamps).
  • It’ll take you less than a minute to switch the center from week to week!
  • I included an organizational system that will make it really easy to manage, without having a ton of pieces everywhere.
  • I also included an editable file for you to customize and differentiate.
  • These aren’t just for centers! You can also use these whole-group (and kids love to come up and roll, so these are awesome for behavior management!) I also use some during guided reading.

Did I mention they are easy to reuse and switch out?? That is a huge plus for me because I know teachers have so much to do in so little time, so whenever I can help save you some time, I do a happy dance!

This box is the perfect size! I used 2 boxes to store all of my cards. At the end of the week, simply switch out the cards for new ones and put the used ones back in the box. The cheapest I’ve found them is from Office Depot: Really Useful Box

I also made a holiday pack of 15 centers, plus a bonus pack of 6 games.

These have been so much fun (and easy) to use, and have saved me so much time with center prep. It does take a little modeling and ground rules-setting to make it run smoothly (roll the dice on the table [not across the room], take turns, etc), but once you have played a game whole-group, kids know the routine and you can use the games over and over with new words, letters, or numbers.

Of course, you know I have a freebie for you! In fact, I have two! You can get this free sight words game set from my TpT store…

…plus I just added this cute little Roll-a-Snowman set to my free resource library. After building the snowman, you can have kids write to describe in their notebooks.

Save yourself time!

Stop spending hours planning and prepping center activities! You can grab the bundle of over 75 games for 40% OFF the total value: Pocket Dice Bundle

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