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  • Easy Assessments with ESGI

    Easy Assessments with ESGI

    Teachers know assessment is key in planning instruction. BUT, it’s not easy finding time to assess in your already-busy schedule. I used to sit with each of my students for such a long time, then have to manually input data, look at charts across screens or notes…all times the number of students I had. And…

  • Tips for New Teachers

    Tips for New Teachers

    Hey there, new teacher, and welcome! Right now, you are probably feeling so many different emotions and have tons of questions. My goal is to help answer some of those questions with this mini-survival new teacher tips kit and help make you feel more confident in getting started in this amazing career! Now, I said…

  • How to Create Your own Sensory Path

    How to Create Your own Sensory Path

    It can be hard to keep kids away from screens active during this lock-down. Kids thrive with movement, so one way to encourage your students- or your own children- to move is to create an obstacle course, or a sensory path. What is a sensory path? Sensory paths are paths on the floor that have…

  • 5 Anchor Literacy Centers and Management Tips

    5 Anchor Literacy Centers and Management Tips

    I used to spend HOURS planning new literacy centers each week: making, laminating, cutting, sorting, labeling, differentiating. . . you know the drill! SO. MUCH. WORK! A few years ago, I started using 5 anchor centers almost every week. These literacy centers were perfect year-round because they provided students with choice while being easy to…

  • Animals in Winter- Hibernation, Migration, Camouflage, Adaptation

    Animals in Winter- Hibernation, Migration, Camouflage, Adaptation

    If science takes the back burner in your school, a unit on winter animals is an exciting way to incorporate more science into your January plans! Since there is often such little scheduled time for science, I want to make sure my lessons are meaningful and engaging. I make sure they are well-planned and concise,…

  • Tips for Parent-Teacher Conferences

    Tips for Parent-Teacher Conferences

    It’s almost that time! Getting ready for parent-teacher conferences can be time-consuming or stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! Here are some tips to help your conferences go smoothly. One important thing to keep in mind is to make sure to stay positive and professional at all times. It’s not always easy, but it…

  • Growth Mindset with Rosie’s Glasses

    Growth Mindset with Rosie’s Glasses

    I need to share this book with you because it just has soooo many great lessons, including teaching growth mindset! Don’t you just love a good read-aloud you can use for many skills and strategies? I do! I read this book to my former students a couple of weeks ago. Here is a picture of…

  • 10 FUN Teacher Summer Things To Do

    10 FUN Teacher Summer Things To Do

    Yay, summer! Before it (too quickly) goes away, here’s a list of some FUN, stress-free teacher things to do over the summer for a great start! 11. Browse through new children’s books at a bookstore/library. Check out new releases and keep a list of ones you want to read to your class. Check your local library,…

  • Farm Thematic Unit Activities

    Farm Thematic Unit Activities

    Ideas for a farm unit with centers and activities across all content areas for kindergarten and first grade classrooms. Create a farm corner in your classroom with these simple ideas!

  • Easy Peasy Centers

    Easy Peasy Centers

    If you teach kindergarten or first grade, chances are you have centers (or stations) in your classroom. Centers are almost a necessity in primary grades, but aren’t you tired of preparing new centers week after week? I love having fresh, fun, meaningful centers, but one of the things I struggled with most was finding the time to…

  • Gingerbread Man Activities

    Gingerbread Man Activities

    Do you love Gingerbread Man activities as much as I do? I just love using these fun stories and incorporating all content areas in my gingerbread man unit. Here are some of the fun things we do! All of the activities shown are included in my Gingerbread Man Mega-Pack. I start by reading The Gingerbread…

  • The Why and How of Teaching Comparing and Contrasting

    The Why and How of Teaching Comparing and Contrasting

    If you ask a student to get you a red coat from the class closet, they will likely find it easily among a sea of black coats. However, if there are 3 red coats, they will need more guidance to find the one you want. This is where comparing and contrasting comes in. It’s a…