Poem, Craft, and Jokes for some Pumpkin Fun!

Pumpkins, pumpkins, all around! Besides pumpkin measurement, centers, and experiments, here are a couple of activities for some pumpkin fun in your classroom!


We’ve probably all heard a version of this poem, and this one is perfect for October.

I laminated the poem with the vine and the pumpkins, then added Velcro so my students could order the numbers.

I also used a dotted font so they could trace the numbers as well.

After reading the poem, students worked on it at our poetry/math center. The top stem is tricky, so you can also just have students draw a green vine on the paper. If you want to make the top pop-up stem, you just need very thin strips of construction paper (I used the long side of an 11 x 17 sheet). Glue and twist across the paper, then have students glue their pumpkins on top.

Finally, end your pumpkin fun with these Halloween PUN-kins! You can use these jokes throughout the month, reading 1 or 2 a day, or read them at your Halloween/ Fall party! The picture below shows how I used them at our faculty monthly social, but you can just draw a vine on a chart and tape the pun-kins to the vine, so that when you flip them up the punch line is right-side up (print double-sided, flip on short edge).

GET YOUR FREE Pumpkin Fun below.

FREE Pumpkin poem and craft for counting 1-10. Perfect for a math center. Students order the numbered pumpkins. #tejedastots #pumpkinmath

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