Using Anchor Charts and Graphic Organizers on Your Whiteboard

I love anchor charts and use them daily. They are such a great tool in my classroom, for my students, as well as for myself. Read this blog post for ideas on how to create and use them, tips, and free anchor chart pieces.

In this post, I wanted to share one more way you could use anchor charts that needs NO MATERIALS! Simply take a picture of your anchor chart (or find one you like on Pinterest), and save it. Project it onto your interactive whiteboard and you can write on it, highlight parts, and have your kids stick post-it notes on it.

The best part?

The chart will be large enough that all of your students can read it from their seats.

The downside to this is, of course, that you will probably need your whiteboard to project other things on, so you can’t have this chart up all the time. You also won’t be able to keep all of your writing and highlighting since you’ll have to erase the board.

But, this is great for anchor charts that you don’t have to reference all the time, anchor charts that review skills, and anchor charts that you want to write on, but don’t want to ruin the original. If you really like what you’ve written or how you’ve changed the chart, you can always take a picture of it and add to your anchor chart binder (see more on this in my anchor chart post).

I especially like to use this method to display review anchor charts during our revision and editing stages of Writing Workshop. I also do this often during my read-alouds, to focus on a comprehension skill or strategy. You can refer to the projected chart while reading, and take notes on chart paper.

I also like to project graphic organizers onto my whiteboards to fill in as a class. This is a great way to model using a graphic organizer before asking students to do their own.

I made a freebie of graphic organizers for you, with a couple of my favorite reading comprehension graphic organizers! All you do is project them onto your whiteboard, complete or do a sample with kids after reading any story, and print out a copy for each student to complete their own.

GET YOUR FREE graphic organizers below!

You can find these graphic organizers, and more, in my Comprehension Strategies Mega-Bundle.

I love to project graphic organizers onto my whiteboard to complete with students. Get these FREE graphic organizers for comprehension skills and strategies: Main Idea and Details, Making Inferences, Comparing and Contrasting and Sequencing. Print for students to use after reading or project onto your whiteboard. #tejedastots #graphicorganizers

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