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Phonics Word Works Sorts Interactive Notebook

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Over 100 word sorts for the year! Perfect to use for centers: NO-PREP! Differentiate easily with kindergarten and first grade skills.



This is a bundle of picture word sorts, perfect for phonics and word work!

**NO PREP** Simply copy the sorting page you want to use, place in your word work center, and students cut and glue into notebooks. So easy to change this center from week to week! **Differentiate by assigning different numbers of categories (columns)

Includes 110 phonics sorts to meet all of your students’ levels!


(Parentheses shows number of sorts in each category):

ANSWER KEYS included

⭐Thumbs up/ down beginning letter sounds (26)

⭐Beginning Vowel Sound: Short vs Long (5)

⭐”Tricky” Sounds: letters kids often confuse (17)

a/e, e/i, a/e/i, a/o, a/u, b/d, c/g, f/v, g/j, m/n, b/p, w/y, d/t, s/z, p/v

⭐Beginning Vowel Sound: Short vs Long (5)

⭐Short vs Long oo sound (1)

⭐Short vowel vs Magic/ Silent E (4)

⭐Short Vowel Word Families (5, 2 versions each- with or without beginning sound)

-ab, -ad, -ap, -at

-ed, -en, -ell, -et

-ig, -in, ip, -ix

-og, -op, -ot, -ox

-ub, -ug, -un, -ut

⭐Long Vowel Teams (17)

a-e, ay

a-e, ai, ay

a-e, ai, ay, eigh

ee, ea

ee, ea, -y

ee, ea, ie, -y

ee, ea, ie, ey, -y

i-e, igh

i-e, igh, -y

i-e, ie, igh, -y

oa, ow

oa, ow, o-e

oa, ow, o-e, oe

u-e, ue

u-e, ue, ew

u-e, ue, ew, oo

u-e, ue, ew, oo

⭐Long Vowel Word Families (4)

-ake, -ame, -ape, -ate

-eel, -eep, -eat

-ide, -ike, -ice

-oke, -one, -ow

⭐Beginning Blends (7)

bl, cl, fl

gl, pl, sl

br, cr, dr, fr

gr, pr, tr

spr, scr, str

sc, sl, sm, sn

sk, sp, st, sw

⭐Beginning Digraphs (2)

ch, sh, th, wh

ph, gn, wr

⭐Middle Digraphs (1)

ch/tch, sh, ph, th

⭐Ending Digraphs (1)

ch, sh, th, ck

⭐R-Controlled Vowels (7)

ar/ or

or/ ore


er/ ur

ar/ or/ er

ar/ ir/ ur

ar/ or/ ir/ er/ ur

⭐Sounds of Y (2)

y in cry, y in baby

long i, long e, consonant y

⭐NEW: Diphthongs (5)




ow in cow/ ow in snow

oo in book/ oo in spoon


“I have been using these for the past month and I LOVE these sorts! You have thought of everything. I know this product has truly helped my first grade spellers.” -Kelly

“Great for differentiating! It’s been so helpful in helping my students practice phonics! Thanks for the awesome resource!” -Maria

“NO PREP center work, PERFECT!” -Cindy

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  1. Veronica B.

    Easy prep word work centers for first grade. I love that there is different options for different phonics skills. This allows for differentiation. The kiddos are engaged and know exactly what to do when they complete these sorts in stations.

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